Our Yoga

Scaravelli Yoga

This yoga combines traditional yoga postures, authentic movement practices, breathwork and deep relaxation. Above all its an invitation to relax and unwind deeply, find support from the ground and let go of excess tension.

We’re not so much interested in the aesthetics of the pose but the quality of attention we bring to our practice. Exploring shapes from within as we feel and sense into how the body can move and attuned to breath.

Cultivating the natural breath

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‘I always look forward to Tuesdays, as this means yoga with Claudia!  The sessions at Gretton are friendly, safe and relaxed.  I love the gentle explorative yoga that Claudia introduces us to, using the breath to fully ‘let go’ to release held tension and to soften.

It’s sometimes challenging to master, but such a useful tool to also slowdown the mind and chaos of daily life.  If I had time, I’d sign up for 2 or 3 sessions a week!’

Victoria Kane