Claudia Ehler Yoga

Yoga your Life

“We carry inside us the wonder we seek outside us”.


Why do Scaravelli Yoga


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Yoga has changed the quality of my life, health and wellbeing and it’s an honour and a joy to share what I love with people and see how the practice helps them to support and transform their lives too.

When we stop striving and instead adopt a more mindful kind way of relating to our body where we learn to let go of unnecessary tension and release old habit patterns, we can begin to sense into the wonders of the inner workings of the body, breath and mind. Bringing a quality of attention and a deeper sense of connection to our practice allows the body to move in a more integrated and harmonious way where space and freedom can be felt and experienced more easily.

What are the benefits

It’s wonderful to see people’s posture improving over time and for them to feel a new sense of ease and possibility, not only in their body but in life too. People describe feeling more relaxed, grounded and calm as well as re-energized and centered. Learning how to breathe more easily and naturally to support their health and sense of wellbeing.

Yoga has many proven/known physical benefits, it can reduce stress, anxiety and pain, help with insomnia, increase muscle strength and tone, improve cardio and circulatory health as well as increase energy levels and vitality.
But yoga can also improve our mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience. As we come to observe our feelings and emotions and its disruptive patterns and attachments we learn to open more fully into our experience and invite positive change, learning techniques/ways to manage stress as well as change attitudes and perspectives, change the way we are relating to ourselves, others and the world around us.

‘Claudia is a great teacher and I am so glad I found her practise.  It has helped me relax, unwind but also tone up muscles I forgot I had.  

My posture has got so much better, which has helped my horse riding and flexibility.  She taught me how to breathe and move with more ease.  Her teaching is inclusive, kind and caring and fun.

Claudia holds a beautiful space in a lovely setting with likeminded people all coming together to enjoy the calm movement of our bodies to keep active and agile.


Give it a Try

I invite you to join our friendly inclusive yoga community. Come as you are and gently do what you can. The practice doesn’t ask anything else of you.

The practise is unhurried, safe and sustainable, becoming richer and deeper with patience and time. It is suitable to every body, regardless of age or ability.

With over 20 years of personal yoga practice, Claudia has been teaching what she knows and practices herself for the last 5 years. Offering group classes, privates /101 and workshops in Cheltenham, Gretton and around Gloucestershire.

A certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, Claudia shares her love for a gentle intuitive form of Hatha yoga which is influenced by the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli, using gravity and breath to release the spine and energise the body bringing harmony and ease to your sense of wellbeing.