About Claudia

Who is Claudia Ehler

‘Claudia is experienced and welcoming. Her sessions are easy to follow and explore as she talks you through every movement during the class whilst demonstrating the posture at the same time.

Don’t be misled by the word ‘gentle’ in the Scaravelli yoga that Claudia teaches, it is a ‘work out’ from tip to toe but without the aches and pains afterwards. I feel safe in her hands’

Daphne Llewellyn Davies, Gloucestershire

From ballet to jazz dance in her teens to being immersed in the aerobics fitness craze in her twenties, it wasn’t until her early thirties when Claudia was introduced to yoga by her first teacher Tina Pashumati James at Chapel Rock in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Many hours of practicing and memorizing Ashtanga yoga sequence in the 90’s got Claudia hooked on the physical practice together with learning about breath control (pranayama) and internal locks (bandhas).

Over the years Claudia enjoyed a number of different yoga traditions until a lower back injury in 2012 forced her to slow down and seek a more gentle and slow way of approaching yoga.

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky”.


Over the years Claudia enjoyed a number of different yoga traditions until a lower back injury in 2012 forced her to slow down and seek a more gentle and slow way of approaching yoga.

In 2014, Claudia met Diane Long, one of Vanda Scaravelli’s longest students, in which she was introduced to a radically different way of exploring the body which changed the emphasis of how to approach the practice.

Whilst this ‘new way’ of working with the body was unfamiliar and not easy to grasp, Claudia was immediately drawn to the beauty and mystery of this mindful intuitive practice through watching Diane’s subtle and fluid body in motion.

A new love for yoga was born and Claudia immersed herself in studying scaravelli-inspired yoga ever since. Her back pain was significantly reduced and supported by a therapeutic yoga practice which was first and foremost interested in letting go of unnecessary/excess tension to reveal a more spacious and vital body though which to direct movement. Inspired by this revelation Claudia trained as a yoga teacher with Ian Davis in 2016 and she’s forever grateful to Tina, Ian and Diane for their teachings and being pivotal on her yoga path.

For the past 7 years Claudia has been studying with Bill Wood and she attends as many classes, workshops and retreats with him as she can.
In addition, Claudia and her yoga buddy Sally, have spent the best part of two years travelling up and down the country working with like-minded teachers like Sandra Sabatini, John Stirk, Caroline Reid, Pete Blackaby, Louise Simmons and Marc Aquaviva. The learning, understanding and knowing deepens. Throughout all of this Claudia’s interest has been a path of understanding and connecting with life, meaning and purpose through her body.

Claudia has been teaching classes and workshops for the past 5 years, feeling supported and enriched by the continuous unfolding of the practice not only for herself but for her students, the yoga community and the safe, nurturing space she creates and( up)holds. With love and grace, always.

Claudia also incorporates somatic guided meditations in her yoga practice to further still the mind, become more present and to gain insight into one’s true nature. She’s studying meditating with the body with Dr Reginald Ray of the Dharma Ocean Institute in the Tibetan tantric Vajrayana lineage.

In addition, Claudia is a trained body worker, Reiki healer, complementary therapist and advanced facial skincare practitioner. She also has many years of experience working with the elderly in residential/social care and caring for people with dementia. Adapting yoga and gentle movement practices to an advancing age group with complex health issues, delivered with a smile and kind heart.

In her spare time Claudia enjoys dancing Argentine Tango, working/learning with dance teachers who focus on the quality of the how of the movement and not the what, seeing and feeling the difference that this form of teaching makes in both yoga and dance.
Always moving and evolving with the river of lif